Members are welcome to participate in any activities they choose. We sometimes partner with our friends at the Glen Rock MOMS Club® for kids skiing lessons, a summer day at the pool, and some of our MOMS Nights Out. We also do at least one annual charity event that benefits local children in need. In addition to reviewing the following general activity descriptions, please be sure to check out the summary of 2018 - 2019 Ridgewood MOMS Club® Events. Prospective members are invited and encouraged to attend one event free of charge prior to making a formal membership commitment. Please use the “Join Us” page to let us know if you have any questions. 



Brunches and Lunches: Join members for fabulous food and conversation! Our Ridgewood MOMS Club® brunches and lunches are typically catered and hosted by a member. Babysitting is provided, so moms can enjoy some well deserved adult conversation while the kids are still present.



Kid Crafts Often combined with a coffee event, members' meeting, speaker or other special event, our Kid Crafts are usually seasonally themed and enjoyable for kids of a variety of ages.



Field Trips: Our Field Trip Coordinator schedules special events for the entire group. Examples include pumpkin picking in the fall, a traveling/ petting zoo, story time pajama party, trips & tours at a local farm or an animal learning center. We're always open to hearing our members' suggestions too!



Meals for MOMS: Our food tidings coordinator recruits members to make or purchase meals for MOMS with new babies and/or any other special needs (death in the family, moving, illness, etc.).


MOMS Night Out: Members can enjoy some well deserved fun at our MOMS Night Out events. In addition to meeting out at restaurants and member hosted cocktail and/or dessert parties, we mix it up with mani/pedi nights at a salon, ceramic painting, yoga, and more!



New Member Coffees: We invite our newest Ridgewood MOMS Club® members to enjoy a morning coffee event twice a year. This is a great opportunity for our new members to make friends and meet our board members. As always, the kids are welcome.



Park Playdates: When the weather’s nice, we invite our members to meet up at a local park for some fun!


Playgroups: Ridgewood MOMS Club® playgroups meet weekly. There are groups for a variety of different ages. All members are free to join a group, and new times are always in the works. Great way to make close friends with kids the same age!